What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil?


One important thing in almost every kitchen is the aluminum foil used for some cooking, and storing some leftover food. Did sometimes come to your mind that it can be used for some other purposes than these? Sure, it can. You can soothe your joints or fight your fatigue simply using an aluminum foil.

It is really surprising that it can be used for a vast number of purposes, except in the kitchen and when you will read this you will want to buy it immediately.

1. Blast Fatigue Right Now

How an aluminum foil can help to battle fatigue and insomnia? According to Health Digest this new method can provide excellent results in terms of fatigue and insomnia.Take some aluminum foil strips and cool them in the freezer for 2-4 hours.

Put them on the eyelids and cheeks and leave them until they relax your muscles. You will notice the benefits of refreshment when you will remove the foil. No sleep and a very good look? Yes, of course.

2. Soothe Painful Joints

Not only does it fight fatigue and insomnia, aluminum foil is also a great choice for arthritis, gout, sciatica and heel pain. If you have some of these problems, take a foil and use it to wrap the painful parts of your body. For additional support, take a bandage to keep it secure.

The most proper time is before you go to bed so that it can work overnight. Do this treatment every night for two weeks and then make a break for two weeks. If you still have some pains, you can repeat this process until you relieve the pain.

3. Alleviate Fresh Burns

Aluminum foil can also be used for fresh burns. The trauma doctors from the University of Wisconsin are even advised to use aluminum foil when treating fresh burns. Treating your burns with a foil is the proper method which provides great results.

What you need to do first is wash the burn with cold water and then dry it with a soft cloth. Second, put a thin layer of some burn ointment and cover it with some sterile gauze. Third, cover the gauze with a foil, securing it with a bandage. When the pain disappears, remove the foil.

4. Phantom Pains, Be Gone

Aluminum foil can also alleviate the incredible phantom pains resulting from amputation surgery. What is necessary for this is to wrap the affected limb with a foil and secure it with a bandage. Remove the foil when the affected part is relieved from pain.

5. Get Rid Of A Pesky Cold

When getting a bit under the weather, using antibiotics is not always the best solution. A simple manner to get rid of an annoying cold is by using an aluminum foil. Wrap your feet with 5-7 layers of foil and leave them for an hour.

You need to let your feet breathe for an hour or two and then repeat the process again. Do this treatment every day for a week and you will remove all of your pain.

In this video you can see how to make gorgeous curls with the help of an aluminum foil.

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