Tobacco Smoke is not causing Lung Cancer!

Smokers every day read on cigarettes packs that smoking causes lung cancer, and smokers die early. Frankly speaking, none of them wants to die, but few have enough will or desire to quit smoking.

So, every smoker who currently smokes will die from lung cancer? Well, our grandfathers did smoke a lot and many of them lived up to 90 years. If so, can we do something, something to protect our selves?

The trick is that the ultra light cigarettes like Marlboro can not destroy eggs and larvae of worms, which start developing in the lungs, with its sickly smoke. Wise smokers choose strong cigarettes, being forced to breathe the same air with people who got worms. At the same time when spending time at village, in pure forests, they do not smoke; they are not dragged to light up. However when coming back into large towns, vast majority of smokers want to light up a cigarette in the very first place.

A doctor who does not know the nature of cancer, will splutter any nonsense, but would not show their incompetence in such vital and popular issue as smoking tobacco. The matter is that “light” and “super light” cigarettes create the illusion of smoking, but do not carry any anthelminthic feature as pure tobacco does.

Even back in history Buddhist monks, who were centenarians, fumigated themselves with tobacco smoke that kills the larvae of worms, but many people simply do not consider this nowadays. There where the monks live, in seclusion, they do not need to smoke. But they are visited daily by crowds of pilgrims and have no other way to protect them from possible infection besides fumigation.

There are many web stores that deal with commodity in the tobacco markets. There is almost every variety of the top selling cigarette available online such as Winston Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes and Marlboro Cigarettes. The cigarettes can be bought as whole sale from the web stores online. The whole sale prices make these cheap cigarettes.

Discount cigarette stores are also seen in abundance now. These discount stores also have most of the varieties of the top selling cigarettes available. These are cheap cigarettes since they are sold without the interference of a middle man which means that the added costs of a middle man, the transportation costs from the middle man to various selling markets and other costs are not added to the cigarettes. This is why discount cigarettes are sold at such low prices. The discount cigarettes stores operate in various locations. With an extensive search on the internet the Discount Cigarettes store closer to your home location can be ordered from.

Therefore, non-flavored cigarettes, without nicotine-less additives, made out of pure strong tobacco are the best choice of smokers who wish their smoking hobby not to damage health but help it. So, when buying cigarettes pay close attention to the tar and nicotine levels, consider that tar level should be tiny. Also, strong cigarettes with no flavoring can save you money, as they are cheapest cigarettes and also are smoked more rare than cigarettes with low nicotine level such as lights.

Although additional studies of electronic cigarettes aimed at investigating the mechanisms of their performance, no doubt, should be made. The main reason for the success of e-cigarettes in case of failure of a bad habit is to simulate the process of Winston cigarettes smoking.

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