This Tropical Herb Is Reputed To Improve Both Brain Function And Memory!


Brahmi – Food For The Brain

The name ‘brahmi’ comes from Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.

If you keep failing to remember where you placed the car keys or your glasses, it could be time to mix a memory tonic.

Brahmi (taxonomic name: Bacopa monnieri) is a plant that has been commonly utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for countless years. It has a classic reputation for being an efficient and also effective herb to boost memory and combating anxiety. The Brahmi plant is a perennial, creeping herb holding many branches as well as is located in marshy locations near streams and also ponds throughout India specifically in the North Eastern areas.

It is discovered at elevations from sea level to altitudes of 4,400 feet. Besides the Indian subcontinent, Brahmi is likewise belonging to the wetlands of Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North as well as South America.

What is Bacopa Monnieri

Be careful not to confuse brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) with gotu kola and other natural medicines that are also sometimes called brahmi. They are not the same plant, nor have the same amazing benefits.

Bacopa monnieri thrives in soggy, bog-like conditions and is a creeping, perennial herb found growing in wetlands around the globe. The plant’s extensive use over the last 7,000+ years has seen it be referred to as waterhyssop, brahmi, thyme-leafed gratiola, water hyssop, herb of grace, and Indian pennywort.

You will find bacopa used extensively in the world’s two oldest health practices; Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. It is very easy to conclude some basic assumptions about the effectiveness and safety of the herb from these two ancient medical practices. Both are thousands of years old and continue to be leaders in health and medical practices.

So What Makes Bacopa Monnieri Such A Powerful Nootropic?

First and foremost, bacopa is a natural growing herb. We tend to prefer nature’s solutions over our man-made counterparts.

Bacopa has two powerful pathways towards better brain health and increased brain functioning.

The first is that bacopa is considered an adaptogen. You can think of adaptogen as any ingredient or chemical which helps your body overcome the effects of stress.

The second pathway is the ability of the bacosides (the active chemical compounds found in bacopa) to help improve the ability of your brain’s neurons to communicate. Bacosides also help promote better kinase functioning in your brain (the enzyme process of breaking down substances to be used by your brain cells). Think of protein kinases as the hallway monitor for your brain. They are the key regulators of cellular functioning.

With improved protein kinases you get help in repairing damaged brain cells and a boost in the creation of new brain cells which ultimately pays off with increased nerve impulse transmission (all hands on deck and working hard).

The combination of these two massive benefits unique to this prolific, but unknown plant make it one of the leading natural treatments for improved cognitive functioning.

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