Natural Health Care through Bitter Melon


Bitter melon or karela is now days very popular among people world wide. The reason for this is its potential to reduce the blood sugar levels. Karela has certain properties that are extremely helpful in curbing diabetes mellitus or commonly known as blood sugar.

It is an herb that is very much helpful not only in maintaining the normal levels of sugar in the body but is also helpful in maintaining the normal functioning of the body.

The condition of hyperglycemia occurs when our body is unable to maintain the normal sugar level in the blood due to disturbances in sugar metabolism. Sugar metabolism is maintained by insulin, a protein that is secreting from islet of langerhans present in pancreas.

This insulin disturbance can be metabolic or some or due to some other factors. Karela is very helpful in maintaining regular section of insulin in the body and also helps in proper maintenance of blood sugar level in the body.

Bitter melon is known as karvelak in Sanskrit and Momordica charantia in botanical terms language. It is a tendril vine that grows to 4 to 5 meters. The leaves are alternate and are parted by 3 to 8 lobes. The plant bears male and female flowers separately.

The fruit is oblong in appearance and if or green color. The skin is rough and is of barrel shape. In the fruit, seeds are present that are 15 to 25 in number. These are highly bitter in taste.


1. Diabetes

it is world wide accepted fact that bitter melon is very effective in treating diabetes. Hence it is popularly known as plant protein globally. Chemically karela contains a compound that is very similar to that of insulin that is sometimes referred to as p-insulin. Researches have shown that when the extract of this p-insulin is given subcutaneously has been quite effective in substituting the insulin from the body. Hence is a good vegetable substitute for insulin. Karela has been an herb of choice to curb the blood sugar level in the body. It helps in stimulating pancreas to secrete insulin which other wise had been restricted. There has been about three such constituents that are really very effective in treating the raised sugar levels in the blood. These include steroidal saponins called charantin, peptides similar to that of peptides and certain alkaloids. To be frank is uncertain that out of these which is the compound that is actually regulating sugar levels but it is for sure that a person gets a good relief.

2. Indigestion

it is a good digestive agent and helps in stimulating the secretion of gastric juices. It is also helpful in stimulating liver for secretion of bile juices that are very essential for metabolism of fats. It helps in improving the peristaltic movements hence it is very helpful in avoiding gastric disturbances.

3. Dyspepsia

as the karela is very helpful in maintaining the normal condition of the digestion hence it is useful in preventing condition like dyspepsia.

4. Constipation

this is a condition that is affecting millions of people world wide and the main reason for this is the faulty feeding habits and unhealthy dietary practices. These all can be relived by consuming karela juice on regular bases. It not only relives from the indigestive condition but also helps in combating the constipation. It improves peristaltic movements of gastro intestinal tract and also improves the absorption in the intestines.

5. Heart burn

heart burn is common among people these days. It as condition of burning sensation in the chest region. This happens because of indigestion. Due to indigestion, excess of the hydrochloric acid is produced in the body thereby leading to this burning sensation. By regular consumption of karela juice, the digestion in the body is kept to the optimized level hence the problem of heart burn is resolved.

6. Anti inflammatory

karela is a good anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in reducing any edematous condition in the body. It helps in regularizing the circulatory system thereby normalizing the blood flow. This helps in reducing any kind of inflammation that occurs in the body.

7. Ulcers

karela is very effective in treating the gastric as well as duodenal ulcers. It has the tendency to maintain the normal production of gastric juices and acids there by protect the mucus membrane from getting depleted due to exposure to these harsh condition.

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