LADIES CAUTION: You should never ever do THESE THINGS to your breasts!


Women’s breasts are the most attractive and at the same time most sensitive organ. Thus, they require special treatment because they can easily be damaged. How to maintain your health, never do these few things:

Inadequate bra

Many women think that wearing a smaller bra makes their breasts look bigger and sexier. However, it is not true as this causes severe discomfort and potential health problems.

Not wearing a bra during running

Although you will feel freer when you do not wear a bra, running can cause serious damage to the breasts. Specifically, in this way, you can cause problems in the connective tissue of the breast.

Removal of hair on the breasts

Many women tend to remove hairs around the nipple. However, this may increase the chances that hairs become thicker and more visible, which can further lead to inflammation and other serious problems.


It is no secret that during sexual intercourse a lot of people practicing pinching the nipple because it is believed to cause sexual excitement. However, if it is done too often and too aggressively, nipples can be damaged.

Body piercing

Although many women have nipple piercings, the process is not completely harmless, it can cause pneumonia.

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