It is harmful for your body health to lose weight with diet

In women’s opinion, diet is the most simplest and the most effective way to lose weight.  Actually, lose weight with diet brings harm to people’s health, it affects hair, memory and so on.

While we are chatting with others about losing weight, take for granted that diet is the most simplest way and the most effective. Thus we need to force ourselves to resist the temptation, ask us not to contact with food when confront with the delicious food.   However the nutrition expert warns these women who would like to keep the slim with diet for a long time, it is not the wise behavior really with the suffering from injustice belly,  because diet long time cannot obtain lasting effect, and maybe lead to a various of healthy hidden dangers.

It is known to us, the food transforms for the energy and through stomach to transport, the stomach is energy transport channel. If you would like to alive when you are 120 years old (it is not a myth, there is a sophisticated technology, medical scientists think waiting for us at the age of 70 are still in the prime of life.), still have the high quality life, thus at the age of 30, avoid stomach suffering from hungry for the health’s sake.

The stomach will receive a little of food when you decide to diet, that makes the stomach can not work normal.  If this situation persists, its functioning capacity will gradually decline, can no longer afford even a bit of trials and challenges. At the same time, we had better bear excess stomach acid in the stomach, in addition to the obvious lack of nutrition and energy, on organ damage should be paid more attention.

The people who are too slim are lack of fat and protein that easy to cause hair loss, and lose the luster. Diet excess too much, hair can not absorb adequate nutrition, containing intake iron, tahr will wither, finally result in hair loss.   Diet also make memory decline. Diet, make fat intake and inventory levels are lower than normal level, so lack of nutrition in the body, this bad for the brain cells, further to affect memory and forgetting. And the fat is the main driving force to the brain work.

Psychology associate professor in the University of California at Los Angeles, United States, Dr. Mann has found some strange phenomenon in the process of researching diet crowd.  She would like to know that lose weight with diet long time whether can keep effective at the end. Therefore, she led her students to carry on one year tracing to the human who dieted massively loses weight.  In this research, they are only interested in a digit: with the lapse of time, what is the proportion account for the dieters gains weight?

And the result is shocked, beyond our expectation, there are 41 percents of dieters gain weight again. “Although the digit has beyond our expectation”, Dr. Mann said, “but we still believe the proportion is not very accurate, and must has been underestimated”.

Why does it have no any effects? Dr. Mann consider that there are two reasons: first, it is really difficult to change the diet habit; second, the role of diet will diminish under the effect of diminishing once you are succeed in losing weight. Mann said, when you eat food with low calories every day, the body will adjust metabolism, it can lead to lose weigh more and more difficult. Your body will become high-speed operation, when you eat less to continue to lose weight


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