How to Eliminate A Headache Without Drugs In Just Three Minutes!

From personal experience, all of you are familiar with insidious headache, and that’s why this advice will not leave you indifferent…

Head Massage – way to improve blood flow to problem areas, relieving stress, as well as one of the ways to reduce pain.

We suggest a method that will help you better than pills.

Massage with towel – an effective way of influencing the blood circulation in the head and neck, which helps to remove pain.

In addition, massaging the scalp is a very pleasant procedure.

How to make therapeutic massage of the head using the towel:

– Choose the right towel – not too thick. Roll it in a fairly sturdy roller using spiral movements.

– Press well the towel at the back. Hold it with both hands from different sides in the engaged state.

– Move the towel on the head, neck and shoulders. Do this rhythmically, unravel a little the towel so massage is intense enough.

– Do this procedure for 3-5 minutes – this stimulation will be sufficient to alleviate headache. If the pain is not gone, take a break for 10 minutes and repeat the massage.

Manual therapists believe that the most common cause of headaches is a spasm. Spiral towel massage relaxes the head and neck area, works on the elimination of spasm, positively affect strangulated vertebrae in the neck.

Massaging the head, in severe headache, should be combined with additional therapy: drink a cup of mint tea that will affect the expansion of blood vessels. The pain will quickly disappear!

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