Healthy Juice Recipes: Common Juicing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people take juices for different reasons. For example, there are those who take them in order to lose weight. Others take them to lead healthy lives. While taking juices is good, many people make a number of juicing mistakes.

Common Juicing Mistakes

Using the same ingredients: it’s often recommended that you use what you have, but this shouldn’t always be the case when it comes to juicing. Taking the same ingredients not only prevents you from getting beneficial nutrients, it also puts you at risk of developing diseases.

To be on the safe side you should have many different nutrients. For example, if your main ingredient on Monday is kale, Tuesday should be spinach. You should take Romaine lettuce on Wednesday and wild greens on Thursday. Always remember that the more the ingredients you take the better your body is.

Using fruit recipes only: many people love fruit recipes as fruit juices are sweet and fun to take. What most of these people don’t know is that fruit juices don’t have all the necessary nutrients. For example, if you are taking the juice in order to lose weight, you won’t lose weight properly as fruits contain fructose which can be converted to glucose and stored in the body.

To get all the necessary nutrients you should include vegetables in your juices. Some of the best vegetables that you should include are: kales, carrots, and spinach.

Using random ingredients: it’s one thing to avoid certain ingredients and it’s a completely new case to choose ingredients randomly. Remember that the ingredients can react putting you at a health risk.

Before you choose any ingredient, you should understand its benefits in your body. You should also understand how it reacts with other ingredients. The cool thing is that there is plenty of information online on how to choose the right ingredients for your needs.

Regardless of the ingredients that you choose, you should always use fresh produce. If possible you should use organic or produce that you produce on your farm. As rule of thumb you should never use wilted ingredients as they not only put you at the risk of diseases, they also don’t juice well even when you use the best juicers.

Storing the juice for too long: it’s common for people to make a lot of juice and store it in the fridge. While this will save you money and time, it’s not good. Phytochemicals and nutrients tend to oxidize and degrade when you expose the juice to air for a long time.

To avoid this, it’s recommended that you take the juice within the first 15 minutes of making it. If you have to store it, you shouldn’t store it for more than 72 hours.

When storing the juice always store it in a glass container. The cool thing with a glass container is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that can be transferred to the juice.

You should always put the juice in a fridge. This is to prevent bacteria from growing thus poisoning the juice.

By using healthy juice recipes you will not only lose weight, but also live an overall healthy life. As mentioned you should do your research and find the best juice recipe for you.

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