8 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Dragon Pearl Tea


Black dragon pearl tea’s benefits are essentially the same as those of other black tea varieties. This is due to their being from the same camellia sinensis plant that possesses a host of antioxidants.

Black dragon pearl tea comes from a type of black tea grown in the province of Yunnan, China. This province is believed to be the place where the tea plant camellia sinensis originated. Tea leaves made into black dragon pearl teas are typically harvested in the spring.

Black dragon pearl teas are typically hand-rolled into small balls. Each of these tea pearls are normally made up of about 30 leaves and buds that are hand-picked and then immediately rolled before the leaves can dry. This allows the leaves to hold in the flavors better until the tea is prepared.

When the tea balls are infused in hot water, these then unfurl and each contains a number of very high-grade roasted and gold-tipped leaves. The leaves then sink to the bottom of the cup and the water turns into an amber color. Black dragon pearl teas exhibit chocolatey and cocoa-like tones that complement an earthy and somewhat peppery flavor.

This tea can be drunk for morning or afternoon tea. It may be enjoyed with or without sweeteners and milk. It has relatively lower levels of caffeine than other black tea types.

The following are the health benefits attributed to black dragon pearl tea:

1.Lower the risk for the development of tumors and cancer.

2.Lower the risk for the development of cardiovascular diseases.

3.Fight fat and enhance metabolism, thus contributing to efforts at achieving weight loss.

4.Facilitate good digestion.

5.Keeping bacteria and viruses at bay.

6.Prevent and fight inflammation.

7.Maintain overall well-being when taken as part of daily diet.

8.As with other teas, pregnant women should not take black dragon pearl tea as it contains caffeine which may contribute to certain birth defects and conditions.

Brewing Guides of Black Dragon Pearl Tea

1.Use soft water for preparation of tea. It is suitable to effectively extract most of the substances from tea leaf.

2.Use fresh water which has not boiled before. Bring the cold water to boil just before serving tea.

3.Beforehand, it is important to warm the tea pot or glass well by rinsing it out with boiled water.

4.Prepare 3 g-1 tea spoon of tea leaves for 150ml of water.

5.Place the tea leaves into the warmed tea pot or glass.

6.Ideal brewing time is for less than 1 min. However it requires more time if you brew by long glass or mug.

7.With same temperature of hot water, you can brew tea 4-5 times.

8.At lastFree Articles, use boiling temperature so as to extract the remaining taste and flavor.

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