Ayurveda Asthma Treatments – Treat Your Asthma the Right Way

Asthma is a chronic illness that affects the airways, and it is also a common disease that affects many people in the world. In most cases, the Asthma disorder is mild and is often unrecognizable. However, the growth of industrialization and consequence, the invasion of allergens in our body can develop the incidence of asthma. The main symptoms of asthma are recurrent breathing problems, severe breathing, dyspnoea, cough, chest tightness and so on.

Causes of Asthma in the Human Body

However, some factors, much likelihood is known as Asthma Causes in the body, some factors such as family history of Asthma. In any case, asthma disease is increasing in many humans body. Nonetheless, medical science has not yet provided a permanent remedy for asthma. But Ayurveda has some treatment that can help to avoid constant attacks. Various factors can be attributed to the onset of Asthma Causes in everyone. Listed here are some of them

· A family history of asthma or allergy

· Genetic

· Smoking of Tobacco

· Food allergy

· Infections in airways and chest

· Being exposed to allergens

· Airborne allergens

· Medications

· Psychological factors

· Weather changes

Asthma Signs and Symptoms in the Human Body

There are many signs and symptoms of asthma that are common in most people with the illness.

These signs and symptoms include:

· Cough

· Chest pain

· Tightness in breathing

· Wheezing

· Shortness of breath

· Fast breathing

Natural Remedies for Asthma Disorder

A natural remedy is usually the best cure for any illness, including asthma. Apart from its effectiveness, Asthma Medicine for asthma does not contain harmful ingredients for the body. Because of this, asthma patients are shifting to the treatment.

These Are Some Common Natural Remedies For Asthma That Most People Use:

1. Fish Oil Products:

This type of treatment can be called an anti-inflammatory product. It can be taken in liquid or capsules form. However, be very careful when considering this kind of medicine because it can cause serious and significant reactions in the body.

2. Magnesium Supplement:

This natural remedy works perfectly with the muscles when it comes to preventing hardening of the muscles and also increasing relaxation in the airways.

3. Antioxidants:

This selenium drug, green tea, and vitamin E help to reduce the Asthma roots in the body, some origins like a cough, colds and other problems associated with breathing problems, as they increase irritation.

4. Spearmint, Noodle, Cloves Chamomile, and Rosemary:

All this medicine does not improve muscle relaxation but reduces sleep.

5. Ginseng and Liquorice:

These herbs are often used for natural asthma treatment. If you are taking it regularly, it works longer if you can use frequently.

Rasyog Ayurveda is glad to offer you Free Ayurveda consultation through the various channels available like phone consultation, online consultation services apart from the regular clinical consultations. Dr Amol Bamane (MD) an Ayurvedic doctor is the hands-on practitioner at Rasyog Ayurveda, since the year 2007.

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