8 Common Nail Conditions Linked to Serious Diseases That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Eyes are considered window to the soul, but the nails are seen as door to the body! Many experts believe that nails suffer the most when the body is treated improper. Lisa Petty, a Canadian nutritionist supports the theory and claims that the supplements we consume eventually end up in the nails.

The fact that nails often indicate internal health issues doesn’t come as surprise. In fact, they can often show signs of nutritional deficiency, anemia, and thyroid problems.

The nail bed is made of keratin protein and it protects the toenails and fingernails. The nails also are also made up of nerves, veins, and lymph vessels. Their shape is determined by genetics but the quality depends on various factors.

Nails are usually smooth, but they can become hard and stained if treated improperly. However, these problems can be solved with the help of proper vitamins, supplements and nutrition.

As mentioned in the very beginning, the nails are often indicators of certain internal health issues.

Below you have a list of 8 common nails conditions and their link to the internal organs and overall health.

1. Soft Nails

Cause: Iron Deficiency

Solution: You will probably be told to increase your intake of iron-rich foods as well as to take 325 milligrams of iron sulfate, three times on a daily basis.

2. White Spots

Cause: Zinc deficiency or nail injury

Solution: Take 50 milligrams of zinc on a daily basis. This mineral is naturally found in red meat, peas, and pumpkin seeds.

3. Brittle Nails

Cause: Dehydration, vitamin B or iron deficiency

Solution: This issue is very common and 1/3 of the population has it. Taking a milligram of Biotin ultra, three times a day over the course of six months is the most common treatment. Moreover, it is recommended to boost your calcium, gelatin, and colloid intake. In case you are pregnant, consult your doctor prior taking Biotin.

4. Yellow Nails

Cause: Long use of nail polish and lack of vitamin E

Solution: Take 400 mg of vitamin E two times daily. Moreover, you should consume more wheat germ, sweet potatoes, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and other foods which are high in vitamin E.

5. Ridges or Horizontal Dents

Cause: This issue can indicate many health issues, including psoriasis, trauma, nutritional deficiency, or high fever due to surgery. Lack of other nutrients may also lead to discoloration, brittle nails, and changes in shape. Ridges often occur due to injury of the cuticle, the frontal part of the nail.

Solution: Take vitamin A up to 10,000 IU and 55 grams of protein on a daily basis. Taking 3 mg of silicon a day may also help to strengthen your nails.

6. Vertical Ridges

Cause: Horizontal ridges are caused by vitamin or mineral deficiency while vertical ridges are usually result of poor nutrition.

Solution: Polish the nails with a chamois buffer and almond oil three to four times a week.

7. Fungus

Cause: Exposure to warmth and dampness creates the perfect environment for microorganism to thrive and thicken the nail. In such case, one part of the nail gets broken from the nail bed, leading to messy and yellowish nails.

Solution: Soak the nails in anti-bacterial tea oil a couple of times daily. It is also recommended to take 200 mg of myrrh or other herb with powerful antifungal properties, three times daily.

Note: Make sure you consult your doctor about any of the aforementioned treatments. Sometimes nail issues may be a sign of much more serious health issues. Among them are:

  • Yellow nails (chronic bronchitis)
  • Red nail bed (coronary illness)
  • White nail bed (liver infection)
  • Blue nail bed (blood flow issue)
  • Upward/bending nails (thyroid infection)
  • Fragile nails (hyperthyroidism/hypo)

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8 Common Nail Conditions Linked to Serious Diseases That You Shouldn’t Ignore

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