5 Herbs to Lower High Blood Pressure


There are a variety of herbal remedies that can contribute to lowering high blood pressure. This article will reveal just some of the remedies you can use to cure your hypertension.

1. Hawthorn

Hawthorn vasodilates the blood vessels to allow blood to flow more freely around the body. In a study of 79 patients, who were randomised to receive either 1200mg of hawthorn extract or a placebo for 16 weeks, it was shown that at the end of the study patients taking the hawthorn supplement showed a significant reduction in mean diastolic blood pressure.

2. Arjuna Bark

Arjuna Bark is a deciduous tree found throughout India and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 300 years. Various studies have shown the positive effects of Arjuna Bark on cardiovascular health and with no side effects.

3. Garlic

Garlic is one herb with a variety of health benefits, none more so than for easing hypertension. In one study garlic was shown to reduce systolic pressure by 20 to 30 mmHg and diastolic pressure by 10 to 20 mmHg.

4. Maitake

Studies on animals have shown the powerful blood pressure reducing and cholestrol lowering effects of this herb. Studies have also shown that Maitake mushrooms have lipid lowering and anti-tumour qualities.

5. Yarrow

Yarrow has been found to contain substances that are capable of lowering blood pressure and lipids. Studies have shown that after consistent use of yarrow for two months, then both systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly.

High blood pressure is a killer and using herbs effectively is a great way to help lower high blood pressure and potentially save your life!

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