15 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked


Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked – Sleep becomes one very important requirement. Even sleep, became one of the obligatory requirements to be met. If not, many health problems can plague our health. In fact, many studies indicate if the person who suffered a severe lack of sleep can experience severe depression and can lead to death. And, you know, it turns out there are other additional benefits that you get if you sleep without wearing clothes.

Perhaps in some countries, or communities (especially which are having strict cultures of religion rules), sleeping with the condition of not wearing any clothing at all, is still be considered as an awkward thing to do, and not to be done by many. But, in some other countries like America, European countries, sleeping naked has become a habit. Importantly, it is becoming a lifestyle due to its health benefits. In America alone, approximately 8 percent of the population makes a habit of being naked while sleeping. As studies and researches grow and show that sleeping without clothes has many benefits;

1. It is Practical!

Yes, sleeping naked is very practical and very easy. Simply take all of your clothes during bed time, and you’re ready to sleep. Of course, before doing that, you should clean your body first, brushing your teeth and all that ritual before getting a night sleep. And, you also do not have to bother to wash any nightgown or pajamas at all.

2. Gives Feeling Happier and More Free

Sleeping naked can make someone become a happier person and feel freer. This is because, with no clothes on your bed free of clothing, friction from clothing and inconvenience that might be caused when you wear clothing while you sleep.

3. Makes Life Healthier and Harmony

For those of you who are already married, sleep without wearing clothing can be much recommended to harmonize the relationship and helps nourish the body as a whole. Contact that occurs between your skins with your partner’s skin will stimulate the release of oxytocin in the body.

4. Rise up the Oxytocin level

Oxytocin is a hormone that affects the emergence of a sense of fun. This hormone also become one of the important factors that during sexual intercourse to achieve orgasm. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is also the hormone that can prevent the occurrence of stress, depression can help fight disease, decreases intestinal inflammation, reduce blood pressure and help increase sexual arousal.

5. Help Prevent Insomnia

Sleep without clothes will help lower the body temperature. From the data obtained by Australian researchers found if the decrease in body temperature will help you sleep more soundly and more deeply. While the person who sleeps with pajamas or nightgowns, hot temperatures and is difficult to remove trapped body so that it can make the body temperature rises and tend to be difficult to sleep. But in people who do not wear clothes during sleep, the body temperature will be easily removed so that people will feel comfortable and be able to sleep quickly.

6. Help Get More Sleep soundly

Other research shows that sleep by not wearing clothing made much more restful sleep which is closely associated with changes in body temperature to be down gently. Specifically, the Dutch scientists doing research on a few people by give them a specific thermometer to lower the body temperature. The results of these studies show if people who have experienced a drop in temperature is experiencing sleep more soundly and more deeply than those who slept in her nightgown.

7. Help Preventing Excess Fat in Stomach

Want more slender body? You may have to try this one way. Yes, sleeping without clothes can also be used as an alternative solution for those who do not want to have a distended belly full of fat. Just consider this as part of your dietary program.

8. Lower the cortisol levels

The body temperature falls naturally by not wearing a nightgown or pajamas every night, and it helps lower cortisol levels. The most effective sleeping hours is between 10 pm until two o’clock in the morning, and in those times, the cortisol decreased at its minimum level. Then after two o’clock in the morning, the glands that produce cortisol will start to actively produce cortisol to make the body ready for a day of activities. This is what makes a man sleeping without clothes will feel much fitter the next day.

In the case of someone who experienced lack of sleep, there is excess cortisol also increases appetite, so make people consume more food and increase the likelihood of consumption of fat, too.

9. Healthy Organ – Reproductive Organs

Vagina as one of the reproductive organs is part of the body which naturally has a certain warm and humid climate. This condition is very supporting for both fungi and bacteria to grow in. With sleep without wearing any clothes, it will give your reproductive organs to breathe, so as to prevent the growth both of bacteria and fungi.

10. Preventing Premature Aging

For those of you who do not want to experience premature aging, you can practice the habits of this one to bed without taking a single strand of yarn. With the release of heat from the body more easily, sleep more soundly. Meanwhile, during sleep, the body produces the hormone melatonin and hormones – growth hormone more. Thus, in people who sleep more soundly, more well growth hormone and hormone melatonin is produced. And this could help in the prevention of the aging process.

11. Preventing Skin Diseases

You realize if there are some parts of the body are always in humid conditions? Humid condition itself is a favorite place for fungi and bacteria to grow and multiply. Naked sleeping means that you give a chance to all part of the body to be exposed to open air. Thereby, it wills reduce the humidity in some parts of the body, as in the vagina, armpits, feet or other body parts damp. And it would be very significant effect on the prevention of the growth and proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause various diseases.

12. Makes You More Confident

Various theories indicate if the more often you see your body naked, the higher the level of your acceptance of yourself. This is very important because it can improve self-confidence because you can be more receptive to any of your physical condition.

13. Decreases the risks of getting Diabetes

A study shows if someone is sleeping without clothes, which means a lower body temperature, is closely associated with the increase in the body’s metabolism, reducing blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes type 2. Scientists also found that those who slept naked and decreased body temperature, bad fats in the body within a few weeks refine which also increases the health of the body, especially the body’s metabolic system.

14. Healthy Blood Flow in The Body

Without the clothes are twisted, pressing, rubbing against the body, blood flow will be smoother. This means making healthy blood pressure becomes too so that will also help lower the risk of various diseases associated with blood such as heart disease, muscle and diseases – other diseases.

Those above are all about the benefits of sleeping naked for health. It is very suitable both for men and women, of course, keeping the body clean before getting to bed is a must be developed habit. For those who defy thing like this, there is no really harm or loss of trying this, right?

Being healthy is the aim, so, what is not killing you; it will make you even stronger. Won’t it?

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