14 Water Secrets: The Truth About Water, Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis, and More!


Drinking water is critical to the health and the very first constructing block for life. This particular is why it really is a single of the five makes available SuperLife and the number one topic all of us get asked about here at SuperLife. Below you’ll find answers to some of the top frequently requested questions (FAQs) on water we receive. Read on to the find the A’s to your Q’s. Still have a question? Remark below!

1. Does it really matter what water you drink?

I’d like to tell you that water will be water is water. But it is simply not almost all the same! Drinking just any type of water often won’t allow the hydration and cleansing you wish in your body for optimal health. The majority of of our water continues to be run through water therapy plants, while this produces technically “clean” water and helps prevent waterborne illness (making it a very required process in many places), it really creates a whole new “tea” with a long listing of chemicals and additives that bring small foreign particles into your body.

In order to fully hydrate your body, switch to drinking a water source that will be reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled.

Why? These sorts of water are like a perfect, blank clean canvas for cleansing and hydrating your body because almost all the little, invisible particles water treatment added possess been removed. Filtered water gets SOME of the particles out, but not all of them. Micron filtration goes even additional, filtering water through microscopic holes to get rid of even more contaminants than standard filters can. But only RO or distilled water are a completely clean standing for your body to use.

2. I’ve been told NOT to drink distilled water. Why is that?

You might have been told not to drink distilled water. It’s due to the fact electrolytes are removed via the RO or distilling process. Electrolytes are foundational nutrients of the body, and they must end up being present to create drinking water that’s accessible for you plus cells. The solution would be to add them back in order to your water through Himalayan crystal salts which include back the electrolytes within a pure form. Notice No. 3 below regarding how much salt in order to add.

3. How a lot salt do you include to distilled or reverse osmosis water?

Without doubt, club none, this is the particular MOST ASKED QUESTION. Plus it is an excellent a single! It is so essential to include unprocessed/ unrefined salts towards the distilled, structured drinking water or reverse osmosis drinking water you drink. Here are usually the ratios:

  • Add half a teaspoon of unprocessed/unrefined Himalayan crystal salt to a gallon of water.
  • Add a pinch associated with salt in a twelve-ounce glass.
  • If you are usually doing the Reset, include 1/4 tsp. Mineralize to 1 gallon of distilled drinking water, or 1-to-30 shakes of Mineralize to each 12-to-36oz. glass of distilled drinking water.

4. Why Himalayan Crystal Salt? What’s so specific about it? Why not really other salts?

Many salts are stripped of nutrients and bleached. Himalayan amazingly salt is mined through ancient sea beds, therefore it is pure through modern environmental toxins. It offers 60+ trace minerals, together with your needed electrolytes, plus it has the unique ionic energy that will is released when the particular salt is combined with drinking water. This means the sodium is the right dimension and proper action associated with molecules for ideal synergy together with your body and tissues.

5. I have experienced distiller water for more than 20 years and I have never added anything back to it. Do I actually need to?

You need to certainly consider adding Himalayan amazingly salt to your drinking water. Distilled water does not really have any minerals, plus those minerals are crucial with regard to the body to soak up water well and sustain long-term health.

6. What is your thoughts around the Kangen machine and alkaline drinking water?

I recommend reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled drinking water. Kangen uses some purification and some electrolysis that will structures the water, yet it doesn’t obtain the drinking water clean or filtered sufficient. The water still has a large amount of total dissolved solids (TDS). Just because the PH is altered does not mean it is safe or good water. There are many factors to consider.

7. How can I make my own distilled water?

Yes! The ideal option is to put a reverse osmosis (RO) or a personal distiller in your home. If you cannot do this, you can buy distilled or RO water and add Himalayan crystal salt to it.

8. Can I just drink purified water?

It depends on what filtration system the “purified” water you are asking about is made from. Just because water is labeled as “purified” doesn’t mean that the water is clean or filtered enough. The water can still have a large amount of total dissolved solids (TDS).

9. What about well water? I live in a rural area and we have our own well.

The best method to learn the quality associated with your water would be to check it. Well water is usually high in nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Use the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter or perhaps a pH meter when testing. Testing might let you know if you want to take steps to filtration system it or change your own water supply.

10. Should we be afraid getting our own distilled water in plastic material containers?

Glass is usually best if you may think it is. However, distilled drinking water is easiest to discover in plastic, which will be fine. The cost benefit ratio of getting water that is CLEAN in plastic far outweighs the issue of the plastic.

11. How does one improve hydration on a cellular level? On the whole body level? On a community level? On a earth level?

Drinking enough clean water will impact the cells first, then the whole body, resulting in a healthier and more happy person. Someone that is strong from good hydration and awareness can and will naturally be drawn to making positive changes in their community and for the entire world. Hydration is essential to all people, regardless of their region, race, racial, religion, or financial course. If every person on the planet was willing and capable of being properly hydrated, think of that we could achieve!

12. How does going swimming pool water affect hydration?

Unfortunately most pools contain chemicals that are dangerous for our bodies. Private pools containing bromine may hinder iodine, thyroid, and well known adrenal reception. Chlorine, commonly present in pools, influences brain. Simply by immersing oneself in these chemicals we force the liver to clean these added toxins. Some people are able to keep a safe, chemical-free pool by using saline or salt water as opposed to the typical chlorinated cocktail. Several people pump ozone into their pool, which eliminates unwanted bacteria without doing harm to humans. Being chemical-free does not always mean you have to give up the one you love water entertainment and sports!

13. I don’t like the taste of water. What should I do?

Pure, simple water is always the best choice for your body. But true hydration does mean drinking a lot of it, so if your taste buds require a break, try infused water. Your taste buds will love the mix up, and water will absorb some of the nutrients in the added fresh, organic and natural herbal treatments, fruits, and vegetables. Regarding example, adding a simple organic and natural slice of ” lemon ” or cucumber have an alkalizing effect! Try adding your selected organic and natural fruit and even a bold conquer of ginger! For some simple, refreshing options, check on your blog.

14. Exactly why do you have various things to say when it comes to water than other health practitioners?

Drinking water is a very big topic! The fact is fresh, clean spring water is the absolute best since it is clean, vacant of heavy build up, energized from the stones and motion that creates Ionic potential (IP). Nevertheless because plastic bottles and transportation effect water, the easiest way for large populations of folks to drink water is to first clear it of the debris that can cause problems and lower the TDS and balance the PH. I actually recommend RO or unadulterated water because these kind of drinking water are like a perfect, blank clean canvas for cleansing and hydrating your body because all the tiny, invisible particles have already been removed. You could have already been told not to drink distilled water. It’s because electrolytes are removed through the RO or distilling process. Electrolytes are foundational nutrients of the body, and they must be present to create drinking water that’s accessible for your body and cells. The particular solution is to add them back to your water through Himalayan amazingly salts. You can even re-energize drinking water again by electrolysis or vortation or vortex, check out http://www.superlife.com/project/structured-water/. You can also read more in my book SuperLife where I have a entire chapter on the reality about water in your body.

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