11 Top Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind Leaf for Health


Tamarind leaf is a plant that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia because it is found. This is due mainly sour tamarind fruit is used as seasoning and is used as a medicine. Usually people only know tamarind fruit that contains many benefits for health alone, but who would have thought that turns the leaves are also very beneficial for health.

In the leaves are tamarind leaf and tannin content falovonoid highly believed to shed fat and can improve the body’s immune system. If the immune system increases the fat burning process in the body into energy will also be the maximum. So, if you’re catching a diet program you can use sour leaf herb or fruit tamarind leaf as ingredients required because it could help shed fat fast. Not only that, but the tamarind leaf are also believed to treat various types of diseases and even serious illness though. The use of tamarind leaves as this drug is harmless and has no side effects for the body unlike chemical drugs that can make the side effects for the body.

Besides the fruit turns sour leaf also has many benefits and health benefits for the body, what are the benefits? Learn consider the following:

1. As an Asthma Drug

Treating asthma with the use of tamarind is easy, you just need to prepare only 2 sprigs tamarind leaf and also provide pulawaras fennel taste. If the material is ready then the second material is boiled until boiling. Wait a few moments to cool and strain the mixture. Drink regularly 2 times a day to get the maximum results. if you want to get a better taste sensation you can add sugar or lemon grass leaves that taste and aroma lebieh tasty.

2. Overcoming Dry Cough

Dry cough is frequently makes the body uncomfortable because of this stubborn cough and cause an itchy throat but there was nothing in the throat. To treat a dry cough, you can use the herb sage leaves with tamarind leaf. It’s easy, you just need to set up some leaves and ½ tamarind leaf handheld sage leaves. Then the two types of leaves are boiled in 4 cups of water, boil the mixture until the remaining 1 cup only. then after being cooked, you can filter it and drank in the warm so that the throat was also felt relieved.

3. Overcoming Rheumatic Diseases

If you have a rheumatic disease, you can use some leaves sour with some tamarind seeds well and then pounded together. After the collision potion so you can put it on the sick body because of rheumatism. Do it regularly in order to get maximum results and that your arthritis is also a speedy recovery.

4. Treating a Cold or Hot

To help reduce fever, you can use the herb decoction of leaves and fennel pulawaras tamarind leaf. After potion so, strain and then consume as much as 2 times a day until the fever down.

5. Treating Malaria

Malaria is caused by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito bites a female in malaria mosquitoes have also left the bacteria plasmodium falciparum. In the leaves there is a good anti-bacterial tamarind leaf that help reduce and even eliminate the spread of bacteria so that you can be free from malaria. This is very important because malaria can often be the cause of death.

6. Helps Treat Jaundice and Diabetes

Tamarind leaves have compounds that can improve the function and performance of the liver is the primary organ jaundice. People with diabetes or high levels of sugar in the blood can use the leaves of tamarind leaf to increase insulin levels in the body. tamarind leaf may also help refine the performance of bile in the blood and dirt so that you will be spared from jaundice.

7. Treating Toothache and Gum

Emerging disease in the mouth area as in the teeth, gums, tongue and others are not only caused by bacteria or dirt in it but also because you are deficient in vitamin C. The tamarind contained in the leaf ascorbic tamarind content and high antioxidant that can cure all problems in the mouth organ. Besides the vitamin C content is also high and tamarind leaves also contains an antiseptic that can help cleanse the oral cavity.

8. Overcoming Pain and Menstrual Cramps

If you are experiencing unbearable pain even feel cramps in the lower abdomen during the coming months you can use leaf herb sour and acidic fruits are boiled to help the pain and the pain disappeared. This is because the tamarind leaf have analgesic properties which can help reduce pain, for more effective results you can add salt in the mixture to make it more palatable and more optimal in relieving pain during menstruation.

9. Treating Inflammation and Boost the Immune System

If you’re unfortunate fall or crash so, causing inflammation and swelling you can use the leaves as the tamarind leaf solution. This is because the tamarind in the leaves are anti-inflammatory compounds that relieve inflammation and swelling. tamarind leaf can also increase your immune system is maintained so that the body will be immune from attack viruses and bacteria.

10. Treats Ulcer:

Ulcers are a bane of one’s existence as they can lead to unbearable pain. The juice from tamarind leaves can be administered to cure ulcer and provide relief from the symptoms.

11. Provides Relief From Hyper Tension:

In today’s lifestyle, where hyper tension, or high BP, is pretty common, tamarind leaves can help you lower it. Low blood pressure means lower risks of strokes, cardiovascular diseases and more.

How to use as a drug is very easy to boil some leaves sour by using 2 cups of water, boil until the remaining 1 cup of water and then strain. You can drink while warm. But if you want to get the nutrients intact from tamarind leaves you can make a juice by adding a little ar.

Similarly, some of the benefits and efficacy tamarind leaf of which can be obtained from the tamarind leaf. Besides the fruit turns the leaves is very nutritious. You should consume sour herb leaves regularly to get maximum results. If the pain does not go away you should immediately contact a doctor to perform further tests in order to obtain more precise handling and better fit.

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